Tirenax as a Child company of Fornax Enterprises, Was Established in Jan 2019 with Clear Vision to Provide the Transparency of Tire Economy for all our users. Tirenax is an Online platform where users have the freedom to choose tires of their choice and Price also they can sell their old tires on the same platform, Which makes Tirenax the only unique Place to provide this kind of service.

With a young and Energetic Team with having the experience of more than 10+ Year, We understand what are our Customer Needs and we try to provide them with the best, As the Company believes in 100% customer Satisfaction.

What Makes Us Different ??
  • • No third party intervention hence the price is always competitive in the market.

  • • We deal with wide range of tire product form bike to Heavy Vehicle

  • • The only platform in India to provide Purchase of New tire and Selling of old Tire on one Platform.

  • •We are the only company to provide Tire with Insurance

To become a Platform of First choice among Users for all their Tire and Automobile needs. We aim to break the conventional method of Tire Purchase and Automobile Services, By building the World's Largest Tire and Automobile Platform.

To Bring the Transparency in tire Economy and to Educate the world about the Recycled Tire uses, Pending

How It Works:

1 Purchase of New Tire

    1.1 Select tire for your automobile
    You can choose from a wide range of tires for your Vehicle from Bike to Heavy Automobile.
    1.2 Enter your Location and Time Slot
    Choose the location where you need the delivery and your convenient time at which tire needs to be fitted.
    1.3 Get Serviced at your Doorsteps
    Executive will be allotted to get the fitment of your Tire at your Door Steps

2. Sell your Old Tire

    2.1 Fill the Details
    Fill the details of the tire you want to sell with your pincode location to be picked from, the Executive will be assigned to pick the Tire from your Location.
    2.2 Upload the Image
    Upload the Set of images as requested of your Tire which you want to sell.
    2.3 Get the correct Value of your Old Tire.
    Find the correct price of your Old tire and get the amount Digitally directly in your Bank account.

The company was founded by addressing very basic but very much ignored problem in the market that is tire, many people faces issue with the tire purchase and most of the time it is just the person who have suggested them "this will be good tire" are being sold we are bringing the transparency in tire economy, Any customer if they want to buy the tire they can come to our platform they can compare the price, Compare the specification if they are still they are confused they can give us a call where we will be helping them to choose the best tore for their automobile, That can be Bike, Car, Tempo, Auto or any heavy vehicle.

This is the beauty of Tirenax that were most of the online vendor are facing the issue to sale their Car and bike tire we will also be selling the Heavy Vehicle Tire such as Trucks, Trolly or any crane.

The Selling will be solving 50% of the problem, The next problem which will be solving is the "TIME" Customer do have to go to a shop to get their tire fitted that will be taken care by our Service person who will be responsible for the delivery and fitment which will save the time and by that I mean a lot of time.

As an organization we are very focused on customer Experience and customer engagement, As per our company survey and the recent validation we have noticed the customer need this service and it is in huge demand.
Basic Info of the company:
Tirenax is a online and unique platform to sell the tire online which is 100% made in India, It is a one of its kind Ecommerce where the user can purchase the new tire and also sell their old tire on the same platform, Tirenax is Aggregator platform where the dealer of the tire can make their own account on our platform or say they have their own Virtual shop to sell their tire, Now unlike any other Ecommerce plat form we will be deploying the GPS system for the application, One the order is received on the platform it is redirected to the nearest tire vendor and purchase is made online.

To get fitted the tire, Customer don't have to rush to nearest shop, We have taken care of that too.

Same like vendor have their dashboard, Service person will also be having their own dashboard where they will be receiving the request of tire. So, the tire purchased from nearest vendor will be taken by the service person and then it will be delivered and fitted at their doorstep.

Employment & Revenue Generation
Tirenax will be the one of its Kind platform which will generate good numbers of Employment, Focusing on service industry the company will be generating Employment for blue collar job who will be directly benefited from the company also the vendor who will be selling the tire they will be generating good amount of revenue and they will be having one extra scouse of income, Which will help them to build their own financial freedom and many other will be encourage to start business.

For Tirenax, We will be having the fixed commission on every sale and service from which the operational cost and growth of the company will be done. From the baby step which organization is making now is giving us clear indication that Tirenax is a must product for 21st Century